Written by Alexander & Ezekiel

Once upon a time there were two twins named Zeke and Xander, who lived in Oklahoma. They were about to turn SIX years old and were planning a super cool birthday party.


They invited 18 of their best friends to join them for their awesome party. 

The day of the party, the 20 kids traveled to Colorado and got their rock climbing clothes on. Once they were all ready, they set out to start their race up the cliff.

When Xander reached 18 feet high he heard loud screams coming from beneath him. Zeke, 6 inches below Xander, heard the same screams and looked down to see what was happening.

Part of the cliff below the twins had started to crumble and all 18 of their friends slipped and fell 10 feet down. Now Zeke and Xander were WAY ahead on the race up the cliff.

Rather than continuing and winning the race, the two decided to go help their friends. So they carefully climbed down and saved their friends.

Since the cliff was crumbling, they decided it was too dangerous to try and get to the top. Instead, they climbed safely down to the ground. 

Before they headed back to Oklahoma, the group of 20 friends made a race track out of the little pieces of the cliff then went back home to get their race cars.

The 20 cars flew down the road, making a lap around the cliff in Colorado and heading back home to the finish line! As they reached the finish line, the photo finish showed that all 20 cars crossed at exactly the same time!

To celebrate the awesome race, they went to the nearest bakery and got a big, huge cake with ice cream and sprinkles.

It was the best birthday EVER!!!!!!

The End

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