Written by Alexander & Ezekiel

It had been another hot day at the zoo. Tigerella, Giraff-e, and Floppy the Elephant were eating dinner under the big oak tree next to the lake. It didn’t look like the 3 animals were doing anything at all. But really they were planning that night’s escape.

Tigerella was the leader of the group. She had come up with that evening’s plans. Giraff-e and Floppy listened with excitement. Her plan was simple. After the workers left, the animals would run at the fence and jump over. Once they were on the other side they could find a river, take a swim and rest a bit, then go to the city.

Giraff-e, however, saw a problem with Tigerella’s plan. There was no way that Floppy was going to be able to jump over the fence. No matter how hard he tried, Floppy couldn’t make himself jump more than 1 inch. The fence was 4 and a half feet high, so that wasn’t going to work.

Floppy felt bad that he was the problem in the plan. So he got to work thinking about how he could get out.

While they were thinking, the workers started packing up their things and heading home. The 3 friends needed to figure out their plan fast!!!

Finally Floppy decided it was time to try. He didn’t know how he’d jump over the fence, but he wanted his friends to get out. So Tigerella said to the two, “MOVE OUT!!!”

Tigerella got a big running start and leaped over the fence easily.

Giraff-e was about to run and jump over but Floppy grabbed on to him at the last second. With Floppy holding on to his tail, Giraff-e barely made it over the fence.

Now it was Floppy’s turn.

He got a big running start and came running at the fence. At the last moment, however, he remembered he could only jump 1 inch, and he got scared and stopped.

He backed up and tried again. Again, he stopped.

So he backed up and tried one more time.

Floppy was running as fast as he could. He jumped as high as he could. But Floppy couldn’t jump over the fence. Instead he CRASHED into the fence and knocked it down.

Tigerella looked at Floppy and said “Not how we planned, but that worked!”

Now that they were out, Tigerella led her friends down to the river. They spent the next 10 minutes splashing and swimming.

When they were through Tigerella led her friends to the city. While they were walking to the city, the zoo keeper saw them. Tigerella hid behind some bushes. Giraff-e hid behind a tree. Floppy tried to hide in the bush next to Tigerella and keep his trunk straight in front. 

Unfortunately Floppy was too big to stay hidden, so the zoo keeper led him back to the zoo.

Tigerella and Giraff-e could have gone on to the city without him, but they weren’t going to leave Floppy behind. So they went back to the zoo to be with their friend.

They could always escape again tonight.


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