Written by Isaac & Elliot

Mr Head, Gaga Guy and Fanny were walking along the street to HEB. On the way, Mr Head used his head to make a map of their journey. When they reached HEB, they got 4 things: milk, bread, peanut butter, and jelly. Walking home, a ball hit Mr Head’s head, changing its shape and causing them to lose their only map. They were lost!

There were woods ahead on the left, and the 3 brothers decided it might be quickest if they were to go through them. Once inside the woods, the sun was completely blocked by the overgrown trees. 

Fortunately for the 3, Gaga Guy had packed a flashlight in his pants pocket. Unfortunately for the 3, he had forgotten to put in new batteries, so the light was weak and eventually went out completely. Thinking they could figure out where they were by looking over the trees, the 3 decided to climb to the top of the tallest tree in the woods. The branches at the top of the trees, however, were not strong enough to support their weight so they had to abandon their quest.

In an effort to help his brothers, Mr Head changed his head into a flashlight so they could see where they were headed. Fanny had been in the woods before and knew his way around when it was light out, so as soon as Mr Head’s flashlight head lit up the ground he knew where they were and the quickest way out.

Once they were out of the woods, the 3 realized that they were tired of holding all their groceries so they went to the nearest park, sat at a table and made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Since they didn’t have cups they drank the milk straight from the jug! 

Bellies full, the brothers saw some people playing baseball and decided to join in the game. Mr Head hit a home run with his bat head, winning the game for their team.

After Mr Head had finished his home run trot, the 3 noticed how low the sun had gotten and realized they were about to be late for dinner. Their mother HATED when they were late and they would surely be grounded if they were.

They ran home as fast as they could, sprinting faster than they ever had before. Arriving home, chests heaving from their run, the brothers walked inside and saw they were 2 minutes early. Their mom turned to them, smiled and said “Oh good, here are my boys with the groceries!” The boys groaned as they realized that, while they were early for dinner, they’d left the groceries at the park!

The End

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