Written by Ezekiel

Ruffy is Ezekiel’s 4 year old dog. At 3 feet tall and 80.2 pounds, Ezekiel didn’t take him on walks, Roofy took Ezekiel for walks! Ruffy had joined the family one year ago when Ezekiel had seen him in the pet store and wouldn’t leave without him. Every night Ruffy curls up in his little bed next to Ezekiel’s and snores softly through the night.

One day the two were out in the garden playing fetch. Ruffy had brought Ezekiel his favorite tennis ball to throw. Ezekiel would gently throw the ball and Ruffy would hunt it down and bring it back to him. Eventually it was lunch time, so the two went inside to share a peanut butter banana sandwich and pretzel sticks. Like always, the two split the food 50/50.

After lunch Ezekiel went to build some Legos, unaware that he’d left the door open. Ruffy saw the door and dashed out into the sunlight. He raced toward the fence and leaped over it, running toward the neighbor’s yard. Ruffy got on the sidewalk and galloped down the street.Two houses down, Ruffy saw a beautiful flower bed and decided it was a perfect place to start digging.

Meanwhile, back at home, Ezekiel had finished playing Legos and was looking for Ruffy. It was time for rest and the two always spent it together. Unaware he’d left the door open, Ezekiel headed to his room to see if Ruffy was already in bed. Not seeing him there, he continued looking, searching under his bed, in the fireplace, in the pantry, and on top of the cabinets. 

No Ruffy anywhere!

As he was going to check the refrigerator for Ruffy, Ezekiel noticed he’d left the back door wide open. Assuming Ruffy was playing out back, Ezekiel walked to the doorway. No sign of him anywhere.

Thinking Ruffy was outside somewhere, Ezekiel walked around the house to see if Ruffy was out in the neighbor’s yard. To his surprise, he saw Ruffy two houses down, finishing an enormous hole in the once beautiful, but now destroyed, flower bed.

Tired from all the digging, Ruffy laid down in his new hole and tried to go to sleep. Ezekiel sighed and shook his head at the sight, and started cartwheeling over to his dog. As Ezekiel neared Ruffy, the dog opened his eyes and saw that Ezekiel didn’t look too happy to see his new hole. So Ruffy hopped up and took off again. Ezekiel stopped his cartwheeling and started sprinting after his dog. He lunged for him at the next house and just barely managed to catch Ruffy by both back legs. 

Ezekiel dragged Ruffy back to the neighbors house and knocked on the door. Mr John answered the door and Ezekiel watched his jaw drop when he caught sight of his flower bed. Knowing his dog had caused serious damage, Ezekiel offered to replant the flower bed. Three hours later Mr John looked out his window and to his surprise he saw Ezekiel and Ruffy driving up to his house with a bulldozer. In five short minutes the two had moved all the dirt back where it had been, and then re-planted the dug up flowers.

Exhausted from all the running, planting and bulldozing, Ezekiel and Ruffy stumbled back to their room and flopped down on their beds. They were so tired you could hear them snoring before they even landed!

The End!

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