Written by Isaac

On November 8, 1889, Montana, nicknamed the Treasure State and Big Sky Country, became the forty-first state to join the United States of America. The land that Montana covers was originally purchased by the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 under President Thomas Jefferson. The state is over 147 thousand square miles, some of which is covered by the Rocky Mountains. Montana also features part of Yellowstone National Park and The Great Falls, part of the Missouri River. The Continental Divide runs through the state of Montana.

The population of Montana is just over 1 million people, and the largest city is Billings, with just over 100 thousand people. Helena is the capital of the state and was originally founded in 1864. While it is the capital, it is not in the top 3 most populous cities. A gold rush that began in 1862 was responsible for many people moving to Montana. In 2011, Walter Bruening of Great Falls, Montana, at the time the oldest man in the world, died at the age of 114!

One of the most famous stunt motorcycle riders of all time, Evel Knievel, was from Butte, Montana. Wearing his red, white and blue suits, he completed more than 300 jumps, including jumping over 13 buses in one and a tank of sharks in another. 

Calamity Jane, while born in Missouri, moved to Montana at a young age and became well known for riding horses and shooting guns in Wild West shows. 

In 1916, Jeannette Rankin of Missoula, Montana, became the first woman elected to the US House of Representatives. She served from 1917 to 1919 and from 1941 to 1943.

Montana is the second largest farming state in the nation, with a state tree being a Ponderosa Pine, a state bird called the Western Meadowlark and a state flower of Bitterroot.

I’m Isaac and this is my report on Montana.

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