by Ezekiel

On a beautiful day, with the sun shining brightly, Woofy went to play with his good friend Meow. The two were upstairs in the playroom playing video games when suddenly the game paused itself.

They looked at each other and said, at the same time, “Why did you pause the game?” It wasn’t long before the two realized that neither of them had paused the game, it had stopped because the batteries in the controller had died.

“No worries” said Meow, “I’ll go grab some extra batteries in the cabinet!” 

But when Meow went to grab the batteries, she found the box only had 1 battery. Each remote, however, required 5.

So Meow went back to the playroom and said to Woofy, “I only have one more battery left in the entire house. Guess we need to go buy more!”

They grabbed their wallets and a basket, put on their roller skates, and skated off to the nearest store to hunt for the right batteries.

Their hearts sank as they skated into the store parking lot, as they realized it was a holiday and this one was closed. Saddened, the two skated on to the next closest store, which was 2 minutes further down the street.

As the two were gliding up and down the store aisles searching for the batteries, they came across the store owner. They asked her “Do you have nine 9 volt batteries?” Unfortunately, they didn’t have nine, but they did have 5. So Woofy and Meow bought the 5 and left, headed to the next store.

Skating into the next parking lot with burning, aching legs, Meow and Woofy were crushed to see the CLOSED sign on the door. The next store was another 1 minute skate away! Their legs didn’t want to go any further, but they still needed 4 batteries so they powered on.

As luck had it, that next store had the 4 batteries they needed. After paying for the batteries they only had one dollar and a one cent left, but it was worth it. They headed back to Meow’s house, successful, happy, and tired!

The friends stumbled up the stairs in Meow’s house, not even bothering to take off their skates, and put the new batteries into the controllers. With fresh batteries, the game unpaused and they were able to continue playing.

6 hours later the two were still playing games when the batteries failed again. This time the two looked at each other, remembered they were broke and couldn’t afford 10 batteries, REALLY didn’t want to skate any more, so they turned off the game and argued about having a sleepover for so long that they both fell asleep!


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