Escape From the Fruit Bowl

Sep 24, 2020

by Isaac, Elliot, Alexander, and Ezekiel

Mr Apple, Mr Grape, and Mr Pear were all living in the fruit bowl. 

Knowing that their future involved being eaten, they wanted to escape the bowl, but Mr Pineapple was guarding the bowl and had no plans of letting them out. 

Nine times before the 3 friends had attempted to climb out of the fruit bowl. Nine times before Mr Pineapple had seen them and shoved them back in. Their 10th escape attempt involved a brick ladder, but Mr Pineapple wasn’t fooled and quickly sent them back into the bowl.

A new plan was required for attempt number 11. This time they would do it while Mr Pineapple was asleep in the middle of the night.

Instead of trying to make another ladder, Mr Grape convinced his other grapes to form a staircase for them to climb up and out. Halfway up the stairs, however, Mr Pear’s weight started crushing the grapes, and they all fell back down into the bowl. When Mr Pineapple realized they’d tried to escape again, he got 3 of his friends to come help him guard. This put a pineapple on every side of the bowl.

That didn’t stop the escape attempts. For attempt number 12 the 3 friends started throwing grapes at one of the pineapple’s faces. As soon as they saw the pineapple cover his face to protect from the grapes, the 3 friends quickly climbed out of the bowl and started running. The three other pineapple guards came around to see what all the noise was, and spotted the fruit running away. They quickly followed after the 3 escapees.

The 3 friends continued running until they reached a mountain crossing. They turned right and headed for the cliff. The pineapples, however, stopped at the crossing, unsure which way to go.

The free fruits reached the cliff and realized they had nowhere else to go. They prepared to fight the pineapples when they caught up. Little did they know, the pineapples had gone left, thinking there was no way the fruit would run to a dead end of a cliff. Once the escaped fruits realized the pineapples hadn’t followed them, they returned to the crossing. They continued following the path toward the mountain, unaware they were following the pineapples.

Little did they know, the 4th pineapple had recovered from grape juice in his eyes and was now chasing after them.

After 8 minutes of following the mountain path, the 3 pineapples gave up their pursuit. So they turned around and headed back toward the crossing. At the exact same time the fruits and the 4th pineapple also turned around and started heading back.

The 3 fruit friends continued down the path back to the cliff, while the pineapples had given up and headed back to the fruit bowl. When Mr Grape, Mr Pear, and Mr Apple reached the cliff, they put on some parachutes and jumped down to the ground below. Hiking along the trail, the friends reached a house they hoped belonged to a friendly person. They needed a new, safe place to live and wanted this to be their home.

As they approached the blue house, Hannah, a nice girl who doesn’t eat fruit, opened the door to welcome them. She invited them into the house and gave them hot chocolate and a nice, warm bed for the evening.

The next morning, Hannah invited the three to stay and live with her. Mr Grape happily accepted the offer. Mr Pear said he appreciated the offer but wondered if he could borrow Hannah’s tent and live out in her yard. Mr Apple, noticing a shovel in Hannah’s outdoor shed, asked if she would mind him digging an underground bunker near the forest out back. Hannah agreed, on the condition that he not expect her to do any of the digging. The three friends enjoyed their new life with their new friend.

And never lived in a fruit bowl again!


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